Busy Little Bees
The Queen Bee
Mira Elena Kuehnle is an established professional photographer with a flare for bringing out the unique possibilities in her subjects while capturing key moments throughout your event.
She also has a great eye for studio portrait photography to show you in the best possible light.
Very active in KC society she is in the "know" of who's who and where you want to be seen. She has photographed many celebrities and politicians one on one. Just ask her when she buzzes around.

The Bee Keeper
That's Louie Luigi. He keeps an eye on us to be safe and watches the cameras. Our Weimaraner:) Always with us...and make you happy with his smile

The Sales Bee
The German Queen:) The Serious Bee
You won't spot this one until you know and meet this Bee or you have good senses and instincts.

New Bee's
fly around... so we try to catch them and there are plenty

If interested- shoot an e-mail to: info@shotbee.com
Honey Jar our Monet's

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